Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Because Cool Aunt Lyssa Said She'd Read It

Is it too late to keep New Years' resolutions...from 3 years ago? Maybe so. Oh well. Blogging consistently can be my new, mid-year, late resolution. We'll see what happens. 

I'm not going to lie. I was totally inspired to blog again after I watched the (awesome) movie, "Mom's Night Out." It's pretty much a snapshot of my life. If you think real life doesn't get THAT crazy, outrageous, or hilarious, then you're probably not a mom, or aunt (Lyssa!), or sibling, or even an observer of any of those lucky people. :) 

One line from the movie really resonated with me. My dream when I was a kid? Yeah, I'm living it. I've got my two kids (a boy and a girl), my sweet, adoring, and terribly good-looking husband, a minivan, and a house (kind of---it's complicated.) But in the midst of living out my dream, I fight discontent like it's my job. Which it isn't, by the way. So I'm learning....to fight the restlessness in my nature, to love my (real) job of mommying two precious kiddos, and to be the best wife I can be. All while learning my identity as a daughter of the King of Kings, and seeking after His heart. It's a big dream, an awesome life, and it's mine. And I guess learning to live this abundant life is what I'll blog about, assuming I stick to my not so "New" Years' resolution. ;)